I have put this website together so that people who are interested can find all my political writings and commentary in one place.

For some time I have resisted the urge to set up a personal website, as I would prefer to get my writings out as part of an organisation, a serious anti-war organisation: one which recognises that the new round of colonial wars being waged by the Western powers takes many forms, including economic war (sanctions), propaganda war (demonization of the governments of targeted countries) and war by proxy (arming and training ‘rebel’ groups in targeted countries), as well as the most obvious forms of aerial blitzkrieg. It is not good enough to declare oneself against aerial war whilst supporting all the other types of war which are its inevitable prelude, as Stop the War seems to have done in the case of Libya and Syria.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe such an organisation exists in this country (England) – or if it does, I don’t know about it. This is not quite true: there are some good campaigning groups, committed parties and independent media outlets, and even the bad groups often have good, dedicated, serious people within their ranks.

But what is lacking is a single mass organisation with a clear perspective on these wars – wars which are becoming increasingly frequent and intense as the historical capitalist crisis deepens – and a willingness to organise the millions appalled by them in such a way that will actually confront – and ultimately defeat – those responsible.

It is my hope that we will be able to build such an organisation soon.

In the meantime, I hope this website can serve as a useful forum to share ideas and build up a clear analysis of the ever more dangerous situation in which the war-hungry private profit system is placing us all.

For global equality and democracy, and an end to neo-colonial exploitation and aggression.

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