Please help fund my next book “Supremacy unravelling: Crumbling Western Dominance and the Slide to Fascism”

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As you may know, my first book – “Divide and Ruin” – was published just over three years ago. This book analyzed the West’s twofold response to its economic and military crises: firstly, its use of proxy wars to destroy independent regional powers challenging its global dominance, and secondly its creation of new markets through the destruction and plundering of public services at home. The book was a compilation of articles which had been written from 2009 onwards – and is now urgently in need of an update…

Since it was published, seismic changes have taken place in the relations between the West and the global South. The pattern of defeat analysed in ‘Divide and Ruin’ – then evident in the failure to subdue Iraq and Afghanistan – has now extended to the West’s strategy in Syria. For the first time since Vietnam, the US has failed to destroy a government it has publicly committed military resources towards destroying. This failure has had a profound impact on its global strategy, causing splits within the ruling class, and the emergence of a new policy. This new policy – emanating from within the US military establishment, and represented by incoming US president Donald Trump – understands that the West’s permanent war against the global South cannot continue without Russian acquiescence. So, in preparation for the upcoming war on Iran and economic strangulation of China, it seeks to buy (or at least to portray itself as willing to buy) such acquiescence.

At the same time, the unravelling of ‘social imperialism’ – the ‘cut’ of colonial profits accruing to the Western populations in the form of secure jobs, high wages, and quality public services – has continued apace. This has led to a resurgence of elite-sponsored ‘mass movements’ scapegoating immigrants for these losses, and demanding the restoration of both British/ US global power and their own former privileges. These openly supremacist forces are now in the ascendancy throughout Europe and form the social base of the governments of both Britain and the USA.

I now have a large number of articles on these issues ready to be put together into a new book. But to fully account for the latest developments in the West’s slide towards fascism, there are several chapters that need to be added – for example:

  • Fascism then and now: a mass movement against declining supremacy
  • Brexit-Trump – revolt, or elite-sponsored spectacle of revolt?
  • Theresa May’s ‘interventionism’: the merger of corporate and government power
  • Trumponomics: a new level of plunder that will sink the dollar – at China’s expense
  • Trump’s ‘Russia deal’ and the coming wars on Iran and China
  • British-US differences over Russia – it’s all about China

However, in order to write these chapters, and edit together the rest of the book, I will need to take time off my usual paid work. So I am seeking to raise £500 to enable me to do this. I am also seeking a further £500 to cover proofreading, formatting, indexing, cover design and ISBN costs. And finally I am seeking £1000 to finance the printing of the first 200 copies. Anything you are able to contribute towards this venture will be greatly appreciated.

As a token of gratitude, all those who contribute at least £10 will receive an electronic/ kindle copy of the book, and all those who contribute at least £15 will receive a print edition of the book when it comes out (no later than late summer 2017).

Many thanks

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My book: Divide and Ruin – The West’s Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis



“Divide and Ruin: The West’s Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis” is a collection of articles by British author Dan Glazebrook. Originally published by Counterpunch, Z Magazine, the Guardian, the Independent and Asia Times amongst others, these writings illustrate a new strategy deployed by U.S., British and other Western powers following the failure of the Iraq war to stabilise Western hegemony. This strategy employs proxy military forces to foment sectarian division and civil war – backed where possible by brutal aerial bombardment – against any independent regional power deemed a threat to Western strategic and economic imperatives. Glazebrook shows the brutality of the West’s racist and exploitative foreign policy against the global South, citing examples from Libya, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and exploring in detail the role of AFRICOM as an imperialist force operating on that continent. Economic and social issues in Britain also come under scrutiny, including an analysis of race and racism in the urban youth uprisings of 2011.

“Dan Glazebrook analyses a new strategy employed by U.S. and British imperialism since the end of the ‘Cold War’. Due to its decline in the global economy and unable to sustain the Bush-like adventurism that led to the Iraq debacle, the Empire, argues Divide and Ruin, seeks now to rely on proxy military forces against those it targets for regime change. The goal is nothing other than the weakening of any country that serves as a regional counterweight to the absolute dominance of imperialism. From Glazebrook’s view, U.S. and British foreign policy is a wrecking ball aimed at weakening the strongest and most independent players in the global South.”

Brian Becker, National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)

“Dan Glazebrook is one of a handful of authors that I depend upon for valuable insight, information and nourishment. While most of the intellectual world is rushing to support the next NATO act of aggression in the name of human rights, Glazebrook shows in this book how it is NATO and the West which are undermining peace, security and human rights throughout the globe.”

Daniel Kovalik, Professor of International Human Rights, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

“In Divide and Ruin, Dan Glazebrook has expertly laid bare the connections between capitalism, militarism and economic crisis today, and the devastating impact Western foreign policy has had on the nations of the global South. Glazebrook demonstrates that, above all, the imperialist countries are determined to combat the ‘threat of a good example’, the possibility that the economic policies pursued by Third World states might be effectively determined by their own citizens in their own interests, and not by Western capitalists and their hangers-on.”

Dr. Zak Cope, author of Dimensions of Prejudice: Towards a Political Economy of Bigotry and Divided World Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour under Capitalism.

“Dan Glazebrook gives clear analysis of very nuanced and layered world affairs. He reports and exposes the excesses of imperialists while enlightening a growing critical mass of people concerned about what their governments do in their name. This work is an important read for anyone seeking understanding and a more equal and free world.” —Brian E. Muhammad, Contributing Writer, The Final Call

Purchase a copy here